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An Odd Fellow bases their thoughts and actions on healthy philosophical principles. They believe that life is a commitment to improve and elevate the character of humanity through service and example. They support the idea that all people irrespective of creed, race, color, nationality, social status, sex, rank and station are brothers and sisters.


Our members must be 16-18 years or older, believe in a Supreme Being, Creator and Preserver of the Universe, and be faithful to their Country. Rebekah’s exhibit the true principles of Odd Fellowship which are Friendship, Love, and Truth and are extended to rendering service to our communities. Service is the goal of each individual lodge.

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The Encampment is a higher branch in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Membership is open to all Third Degree members in good standing. The branch aims to further the work of Odd Fellowship and impart the principles of Faith, Hope and Charity. There are three Degrees in the Encampment.

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The Canton, also known as the Patriarch Militants, is the highest branch in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Membership is open to an Encampment member who has attained the Royal Purple Degree. The name “Patriarchs Militant” conveys the two-fold idea of peace and soldierly valor. This branch is semi-military in character and formed solely for the purposes of chivalric display Members are admirably fulfilling its mission through the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier” dedication ceremonies held in Washington DC, Canada and other military dedication ceremonies conducted by Odd Fellows in various countries worldwide.


Junior Lodges are open to any boy between the ages of 8 and 21. The watchwords of this degree are Honor and Fidelity. The symbolic colors of the degree are Silver and Dark Blue.


Theta Rho Girls’ Clubs are for girls between the ages of 8 and 21. The Theta Rho motto is “Happiness through Service” and the symbolic colors of the degree are Peach and Yale Blue. Yale Blue is symbolic of the bluebird and represents happiness. Light peach represents thoughtfulness and teaches us to render service to others.


United Youth Group is open to boys and girls from age 8 to 18 in a co-ed lodge setting. In lodge sessions, the youth are in charge of the activities of the lodge and are encouraged to accept positions of leadership and responsibility, if they so choose. In the lodge session, the youth plan their work, social and fun activities, and projects in the lodge or community.